GitHub, Microsoft, Gitlab, What?

Microsoft acquired GitHub, upset the opensource community, and caused GitHub to lose users… I don’t agree with the whole mindset, “Microsoft will screw something up!” Why? Well I believe in giving things a chance, none of us can see what the future holds. We can only predict the future and many times, those predictions are wrong.

Microsoft does have a past of ruining most of what it can get its hands on, but I like to believe that Microsoft may be different today then what it was in the 90s. I still won’t recommend Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Products, but I’m still not ready to give up on GitHub. I started creatign a contingency plan incase GitHub did fall into one of Microsofts “ruined” statistics, so I made an account over at GitLab to move my repositories over just incase… However, I am no long waiting for just incase. GitLab is so much better then GitHub and has so much more so I am moving to GitLab whether GitHub succeeds or fails. July 1st 2018 all repositories that I have on GitHub will be removed, they will all be relocated to GitLab. If, however, GitHub does Succeed I may continue to update my repositories on both GitHub and GitLab if I don’t get to lazy, my biggest fear is that Microsoft will begin stealing code snippets from other developers without giving them credit.