WordPress Updates and Projects

You may have noticed that the Patreon button on the side bar has vanished and I have been a little inactive. Well WordPress updated and I have been rather busy as of late with documentation. However, it is time I become more active and get more involved.

WordPress had a few updates… Well the plugins we have here did anyways. While updating the plugins, we had a few problems with the website getting stuck in maintenance mode and a few other things, but I manage to work it out. However, WordPress changed the way widgets work so we have to re-add the widget… Something I can’t seem to properly do.

Now as I said, my inactivity is going to change, I have been a little more active then lately (according to post dates) but I intend to really get active, a new post every Friday of every week!

/!\ ALERT /!\

A game is out, and it is by far one of the best I have played in the category of Hacking Simulators, and that game is Grey Hack, a game in which we will now sponsor by advertising said game on our website with the next theme update!!! Just remember that the game is in Alpha stage.