IRC (Finally)

A while back I posted about a new domain name and server, but I did not, however, tell you that we are also on a new (better) IRC network… Yes, that means that it is time to reconfigure your IRC clients and bouncers.

We decided to use the Freenode IRC Network to host our channels, they not only support FOSS projects and communities, but many FOSS projects and communities trust their network. So? Well, as a community that will be supporting all FOSS projects and communities, I decided it would suit us best to use an IRC Network that was all about these same FOSS projects and communities, it makes it easier on us to use such a network as far as finding other projects and communities to contribute to. I do understand that some clients are a pain to reconfigure, especially if you use a bouncer, but I feel that it would be best for the community as a whole.