Raspberry Pi Case

I’ve been inactive lately, and I apologize for that. I recently got a job and have been working all day every day other then the weekends when I rest, however I’m going to start working on projects after work instead of resting. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how tired I am, as long as you guys get content :D!… Anyways…



I ordered a new case for my Raspberry Pi through amazon to replace the default case that came with the CanaKit when I first picked up my Raspberry Pi, this case costed me nearly $40, but it looks so much better! With this case, came a new power supply as in a previous post I mentioned that I had a bad power supply, this means I can now do a lot more without my Raspberry Pi being stupid c;. Starting this Friday, May 4, 2018, I will be bringing you content every Friday. What does this mean? Weekly content is what this means, and hopefully my Android Phone’s camera will be good enough to start putting videos up on YouTube so you guys can visually see what I am doing!!! There is also a post or two that will get videos if my camera is up to the task, and I’m going to try to get those done before Friday so I can keep all my uploads in order. If you have project recommendations or want to see us/me attempt a certain project, there will be a submission form up soon.

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