Projects on the Horizon

There are various books out there for those who want to learn programming or how to tinker with technology. Books that will help guide you to the right path! Some are free and some you have to pay for, but with the right mind you can do anything.

A good friend of mine (at least I hope he considers us to be friends) bought five books for me:

  • BeagleBone for Dummies
  • Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide
  • Exploring Arduino
  • Learning Python with Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Projects

Well what does that mean for KhaoticTech? It means that we have more projects in the making for you guys, projects that I can use what I’ve learned from the mentioned books above. They won’t be perfect, and I’ll make mistakes that I won’t cut out of the video for your viewing pleasure. (Because I’m sure they’ll be funny.) My biggest issue will be getting hardware for the Raspberry Pi like the sense hat or camera, but till then it will mostly be programming projects, such as interacting with an android device using the Raspberry Pi. (hopefully) Remember though! You can always suggest projects that you would like to see done! I intend to get around to every project suggested (as long as its legal) and doing a write up on it.