KhaoticTech is currently a team of two people. The founder and a writer/author. Both of us are working on articles at a rather slow pace. I, the founder, has work through the day. Our other author/writer, Xelphonential, has school. If you are interested, then fill out the form below!

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So you have setup your Raspberry Pi and got LAMP (Linux, Apach2, MySQL, PHP) running. This means you more then likely have a small website of some sort running, either for local use or external use. Well if you are using it for external use so others can see it outside of your network, you may want to setup SSL. For this little side project I am going to use the community Pi-Box¬†and Let’sEncrypt.

Setting up CertBot

First you will want to update your packages list and check for any system updates.

sudo apt update

if their are available updates you will then want to proceed to update your system.

sudo apt dist-upgrade

Apache Certbot plugin

This will install the Certbot’s apache plugin to get certbot to correctly work with apache when trying to get your SSL certificate.

sudo apt install python-certbot-apache

Installing Certbot Itself

What’s the use of installing a plugin for Certbot if you don’t have or use Certbot? Certbot is what we use to get our SSL certificate setup with Let’sEncrypt and is a great help since it and Let’sEncrypt is both free.

sudo apt install certbot

Setup the SSL Certificate (Finally)

Alright, now it is time to officially accept the SSL certificate and standard for Pi-Box’s website.

sudo certbot --apache

This should setup your certificate IF the challenge doesn’t error out with

If Error Client with the currently selected authenticator does not support any combination of challenges that will satisfy the CA.

In my case it did so to fix this you will run the below command instead

sudo certbot --authenticator standalone --installer apache -d <domain> --pre-hook "systemctl stop apache2" --post-hook "systemctl start apache2"

Just follow it’s prompts as you did in sudo certbot --apache and visit your domain with https instead of http. It’s also worth using the secure option when promted which will redirect all traffic to https.

Microsoft acquired GitHub, upset the opensource community, and caused GitHub to lose users… I don’t agree with the whole mindset, “Microsoft will screw something up!” Why? Well I believe in giving things a chance, none of us can see what the future holds. We can only predict the future and many times, those predictions are wrong.

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You may have noticed that the Patreon button on the side bar has vanished and I have been a little inactive. Well WordPress updated and I have been rather busy as of late with documentation. However, it is time I become more active and get more involved.

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A while back I posted about a new domain name and server, but I did not, however, tell you that we are also on a new (better) IRC network… Yes, that means that it is time to reconfigure your IRC clients and bouncers.

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I’ve been inactive lately, and I apologize for that. I recently got a job and have been working all day every day other then the weekends when I rest, however I’m going to start working on projects after work instead of resting. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how tired I am, as long as you guys get content :D!… Anyways…


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There are various books out there for those who want to learn programming or how to tinker with technology. Books that will help guide you to the right path! Some are free and some you have to pay for, but with the right mind you can do anything.

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You have a Raspberry Pi, and you don’t really have the money to buy hardware or just want something real simple you can do with it using items you most likely have around your house. This guide/how-to will help you do exactly that!

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After moving servers and domain names, we finally got around to getting our social media accounts connected to WordPress again. This means that all of our posts, will be linked on each social media account. Why should you care? Instead of having to keep checking back here or setting up email notifications, you can just scroll through your feed on the specified social media and notice our posts there!

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You clicked on this post and came to this page because you thought of a lamp that actually lights up made from a raspberry pi. Sure, a Raspberry Pi home lighting system sounds fun and is on my list of projects to make, that’s not what we mean by LAMP. What we mean by LAMP is a Linux Apache MySQL PHP server. We are going to teach/tell you how to make a Raspberry Pi web server that is fully functional.

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